10 Uses and Benefits of Thyme Essential Oil — Live Love Fruit

Thyme is a popular culinary herb whose health benefits often go unnoticed. However, the benefits of thyme oil go far beyond just making food taste good. It helps treat respiratory conditions, inhibits bacterial growth, clears skin conditions and so much more. It has been utilized in the Mediterranean for thousands of years where it has…

10 Uses and Benefits of Thyme Essential Oil — Live Love Fruit

Published by

Handy Mom

I love being creative through writing, sketching, painting or crochet. Even the odd times photography capturing nature scenes that inspire me. I like using natural remedies to help my ills or ease my families occasional colds. Our bodies are amazing in their ability to heal themselves under the right conditions. I am also a health researcher so I love to share what I have found if it's cutting edge new technology to help people or just easy d.i.y help from food or vitamins and or minerals. Would love to connect with like-minded individuals who like to learn more about natural health and remedies and living a more balanced lifestyle. Hope you enjoy my blog please drop a note and say hi would love some feedback and I would love to see what you have to say on your blog.

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